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Evaluating Reviews for Plastic Surgeons

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The decision to have plastic surgery is an important decision requiring both careful planning and thorough research to find the right surgeon. When considering which plastic surgeon you want to perform your procedure, it is important to read reviews by previous patients to make an informed decision.

Because not all reviews will be positive, it is important to know what to look for and how to choose a surgeon based on his or her online reviews.

Read Multiple Reviews: It may be easy to write off a surgeon who only has 1-2 reviews, but don’t be intimidated by a surgeon who has 10 or 15 reviews. Reading multiple reviews gives you a more comprehensive view of patient satisfaction with the surgeon.

Don’t Let a Few Good/Bad Reviews Influence Your Decision: Reviews will not always be favorable or an accurate reflection of a particular plastic surgeon’s work. Plastic surgeons will have both bad and favorable reviews. In order to get an accurate idea of a plastic surgeon’s work, you will need to read a majority, if not all, of the reviews posted about that practice. If you encounter a negative review that bothers you, be sure to discuss that with the plastic surgeon during your initial consultation.

Check the Facts and Look for Details: Just because a certain surgeon has 30 reviews does not automatically mean he or she is a good plastic surgeon. You should pay attention to at what point in the process the review was published, details about the consultation, how the patient felt about the results and any glaring complaints.

In general, reviews are a useful tool to determine if you are interested in a particular surgeon, but you must schedule consultations to learn about a surgeon’s specific qualifications and past results.

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