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Does a Plastic Surgeon Break my Nose during Rhinoplasty?

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A common question asked at a rhinoplasty consultation is, “Will you have to break my nose during the procedure?” As with many general questions related to plastic surgery procedures, the answer is unfortunately not entirely cut and dry. In reality, it depends on the unique characteristics of your nose and what you hope to accomplish from your rhinoplasty.

Dr. Kim will not always have to break your nose as part of your rhinoplasty procedure. If your nose reshaping is just addressing issues with the cartilage, there may not be any need to break the bones.

However, in cases where the nasal bones must be reshaped, you will most likely need to have the bones broken to achieve your goals. This is most common in rhinoplasty procedures addressing issues such as:

  • Wide nasal bones
  • Asymmetric nasal bones
  • Large bony humps

Breaking the nasal bones will not impact the stability of your nose or reduce the predictability of your results. On the contrary, breaking the bones will often improve the results of your procedure when you are correcting issues associated with the nasal bones.

If your nose must be broken, the bruising around your eyes may take a few extra days to heal. However, this is a small price to pay for results that will leave you with a better looking nose for the rest of your life.

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