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Can I Use Latisse If I Wear Contacts?

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Latisse has been proven safe and effective for improving the length and thickness of your eyelashes. However, in order to ensure it is safe and effective for you, it’s important to follow the usage information.

Potential side effects

One of the main guidelines for applying Latisse is that you should remove your contact lenses prior to applying Latisse. Soft contact lenses can absorb Latisse, and then they may release the compound at intervals throughout the day. This may increase your dosage of Latisse, in effect giving you a timed dosage instead of a single individual dose where more of the compound is expected to be washed out of the eye and not absorbed. Since Latisse was originally developed as a glaucoma medication, this may lead to a lowering of your intraocular pressure, which can affect your vision, or increase your odds of other potential side effects.

This risk is theoretical and nobody knows if it is likely to be significant, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry, so we recommend that our patients who use Latisse follow this guideline. This ensures that you can safely use Latisse to get the longer, fuller lashes you desire and wear contact lenses.

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