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Breast Augmentation and/or Breast Lift

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Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure in which implants are used to enhance the shape, size, symmetry, and projection of your breasts. Often, with breast augmentation, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Eugene Kim can improve the profile of your entire body, helping you look more voluptuous and feel more womanly.

Breast lift surgery addresses ptosis (sagging). With a breast lift, Dr. Kim can bring your breasts into a perkier position, helping restore a youthful and firm appearance.

What’s Best for You?

Factors that can cause breasts to sag may also result in a loss of volume or symmetry. For this reason, many women choose to combine breast augmentation with breast lift surgery. This enables Dr. Kim to produce a fuller and firmer look to your entire upper body.

No single option is best for every woman. During your initial consultation with Dr. Kim, all of your concerns will be addressed and the procedure or procedures best for your body will be determined.

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