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Top Questions to ask Your Facelift Surgeon

Top Questions to ask Your Facelift Surgeon

As with any plastic surgery procedure, it is important that you make an educated decision about having a facelift. There is some information available from various online sources, including our website, but to get personal information you need to have a frank discussion with Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Eugene Kim.

Dr. Kim will be happy to answer your questions about facelift surgery during your initial consultation. However, whether you are working with Dr. Kim or not, there are questions you should ask of a facelift surgeon to make sure you are in capable hands and that your comfort, safety, and satisfaction will be top priorities.

Good Questions to ask Your Facelift Surgeon

  • Are you a board-certified surgeon?
  • Are you active in professional organizations such as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons?
  • How long have you been in practice?
  • How many facelift procedures have you performed?
  • Can you show me before and after pictures of previous facelift patients?
  • Do you have patient testimonials available?
  • Do you have permissions to perform facelifts at accredited local ambulatory or surgical centers?
  • Where will my facelift be performed?
  • Would you recommend combining my facelift with another procedure?
  • What facelift technique do you think will best meet my needs?
  • What type of financing do you offer?

When choosing a plastic surgeon, getting full information about them is always best. This will include board-certifications, hospital privileges, experience, and proven results. If you feel uncomfortable with the answers you receive from a plastic surgeon, choose someone else. Your comfort is essential and should be guaranteed from your very first meeting with your facelift surgeon.

If you live in or around Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, or Santa Monica, California and are looking for a facelift surgeon who will work with you as an individual and strive to ensure your ultimate satisfaction, please contact Eugene Kim, MD Plastic Surgery to schedule an initial consultation today.