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Nose Job Candidacy

Nose Job Candidacy

Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica

If you are self-conscious about the appearance of your nose, nose reshaping might be right for you. Our Beverly Hills rhinoplasty surgeon is able to manipulate the nose tissue, bone, and cartilage to modify size and shape to give you a nose appearance that creates balance and symmetry in the face.

Some of the changes possible include reshaping of the nose tip, elevating a drooping tip, opening pinched nostrils, straightening the nose, narrowing the nostrils, narrowing the nose bridge, and minimizing a prominent nasal bone. Nose reshaping is a popular choice for people who have suffered a broken nose or who have breathing issues due to the shape of their nose. Rhinoplasty is not typically recommended for children who are still growing, but it can be performed in cases of severe malformation or dysfunction.

Additional Considerations

Good rhinoplasty candidates are also in great physical shape with no pre-existing conditions that might interfere with the surgery’s success. Patients should be comfortable with the terms of surgery, including the steps that are performed, the type of anesthesia, and the recovery period. It is necessary for positive overall results that you can commit to the healing time required.

It is extremely important that our nose reshaping patients have realistic goals with their surgeries. Dr. Kim will be very upfront and honest about what types of changes are possible with rhinoplasty, and what this surgery cannot do for you. To ensure you are receiving the best possible alterations, please make sure to communicate your specific goals to our cosmetic surgery team. Last but not least, candidates should have the financial means to afford payment, or to afford the financing terms offered by our third-party payment plans.

Find Out If Rhinoplasty Can Help You

A comprehensive consultation and physical evaluation is the best place to start if you are considering the nose reshaping procedure. You can visit one of Dr. Kim’s state-of-the-art office in Beverly Hills to get all of the details and find out if you are a good candidate. We would be glad to answer all of your questions about nose surgery and help you design an exciting new nose shape.

If you have always dreamed of a more attractive, proportionate nose, Dr. Eugene Kim in Los Angeles is the cosmetic surgeon to talk to. He has helped many patients get great results with this procedure, and he knows how to deliver very personalized results. To learn more, please contact E. Kim Plastic Surgery at your convenience.