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How Latisse® Works

How Latisse® Works

Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica

The only FDA-approved treatment for abnormal eyelash growth, Latisse is a prescription-only compound that helps produce longer, lusher, more uniform eyelashes.

Latisse is not for everyone, and a consultation with experienced Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and Latisse provider Dr. Eugene Kim will determine if Latisse will work for you. If so, the benefits of Latisse include:

  • Fuller, thicker eyelashes
  • Darker eyelashes
  • Longer eyelashes
  • Symmetrical, uniform eyelashes

The active ingredient in Latisse is bimatoprost, which has long been used for glaucoma treatment. In fact, the eyelash growth effects of Latisse were witnessed during clinical trials for topical treatment of bimatoprost.

Latisse is thought to extend the growth cycle of your eyelashes and increase the number of eyelashes that sprout. This helps produce eyelashes of increased length and volume.

Latisse is applied nightly with a sterile applicator. Initial results are typically visible within four weeks of use; most people see full results within 16 weeks of nightly application. The results are measurable: In clinical trials, participants saw eyelashes grow up to 25 percent longer and 106 percent fuller.

After the full effects of Latisse are noticeable, Dr. Kim may advise that you reduce your Latisse applications to every two or three nights. Latisse results, however, are not permanent, and you must continue occasional use as recommended to maintain the desired results. If you discontinue Latisse, your eyelashes will revert to their original appearance.

If you would like to learn more about Latisse, please contact Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and Latisse provider Dr. Eugene Kim at E. Kim Plastic Surgery.