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Recovery from a Breast Lift

Recovery from a Breast Lift

Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica

Your breast lift recovery should involve a great deal of rest. Plan to take time off from work and other responsibilities so you can focus on healing. You may have to abstain from intensive exercise routines for a while, and avoid activities straining your breasts and lifting your arms. After several months, swelling should go down completely, revealing the final results of your breast lift.

Dr. Eugene Kim is an experienced cosmetic surgeon skilled in this procedure. He provides stunning breast lift results to clients in the Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills areas. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Kim, please contact E. Kim Plastic Surgery today.

The First Week after a Breast Lift

Plan to dedicate the first week solely to your recovery. Arrange to be absent from work for this week at least, and, if you have children, plan for someone to help you with caring for your children and related chores.

Make sure you arrange for someone to drive you home after your surgery. Dr. Kim and the experienced E. Kim Plastic Surgery staff can answer any of your remaining questions about breast lift surgery to address your concerns before the procedure day.

In addition to more detailed instructions from Dr. Kim, your first week of recovery will include:

  • Keeping your incisions dry
  • Taking the prescribed medications and antibiotics
  • Getting plenty of rest, keeping your head and torso slightly raised

You should eat healthy, protein-rich foods to help your body heal, and make sure you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Up to 12 Weeks for Complete Healing

Your recovery will continue for up to 12 weeks after surgery. During the first weeks following a breast lift, it is normal to experience:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Discomfort
  • Numbness
  • Tenderness

When you feel up to it, you should walk around to circulate blood and decrease the risk of blood clots. Do not try to engage in heavy lifting or strenuous activity for at least four to six weeks. Wait for approval from your surgeon before engaging in any intensive exercise or sexual intercourse.

You will continue to see a reduction in swelling during these 12 weeks. Although you may see an immediate difference in the appearance of your breasts, the complete results will not be visible until you have fully recovered. You will see the final results of your breast lift in about six months. Although scars will always be visible, they will flatten out and become much less noticeable about a year after surgery.

If you are interested in a breast lift in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills or Santa Monica, please contact experienced cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kim to schedule your consultation.