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Loss of Sensation and Breast Surgery

Loss of Sensation and Breast Surgery

Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica

One of the risks of breast augmentation and other breast surgeries is a loss of nipple sensitivity following surgery. This can be an issue both with breastfeeding and with sexual pleasure. Fortunately, most instances of sensation loss are temporary.

Although Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon Dr. Eugene Kim takes every precaution to ensure against a loss of sensitivity, accepting the possible risks is an important part of your candidacy for breast surgery. Generally, loss of sensation is a rare complication.

Preventing Sensation Loss after Breast Augmentation

You have several breast enlargement options. Of these, those that can affect nipple sensitivity are incision location, implant size, and implant location.

Your incision options for breast augmentation are:

  • Around the nipple, or periariolar
  • Underneath the breast
  • Through the armpit

Periariolar incisions allow Dr. Kim greater control over implant placement, but also involve the tissue and nerves affecting nipple sensitivity. Choosing one of the other implant options may decrease your risk for a loss of sensation.

Likewise, the size of your implant can affect sensitivity. If you are interested in significantly increasing the size of your breasts, you may over stretch the skin, tissue, and nerves responsible for sensitivity. The obvious choice here is to select an implant size that enhances, but does not overextend the tissue of your chest.

Finally, location of your implant may affect sensitivity. If you have your implants placed below the muscle in your chest, less of your breast tissue will be affected. In turn, this can help protect sensitivity. This placement has also been shown to provide the least interference with breastfeeding.

Choosing a Breast Surgeon

In the end, your choice of surgeon will also play a role. Choosing an experienced breast surgeon like Dr. Kim can help reduce your risk for complications, and help ensure you retain sensation following your procedure.

If you have questions about the benefits and risks of breast surgery, please contact experienced plastic surgeon Eugene Kim, M.D. at E. Kim Plastic Surgery to schedule an initial consultation today. Dr. Kim provides breast surgery for women in and around Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and Santa Monica, California.