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Exercising after Breast Augmentation

Exercising after Breast Augmentation

Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica

Many breast augmentation patients lead active lifestyles. If you are used to a certain exercise routine, you must be prepared to take some time to rest and slowly increase your activity level after breast augmentation.

At E. Kim Plastic Surgery, Dr. Eugene Kim will guide you through the breast augmentation recovery process. Based on your progress after surgery, Dr. Kim will clear you for certain activities as you heal.

Dr. Kim provides experienced plastic surgery to the Beverly Hills, Newport Beach and Los Angeles areas. Please contact E. Kim Plastic Surgery to schedule a breast augmentation consultation.

Exercising after Breast Augmentation

Your body will respond to surgery and healing in a unique way, and it is important to follow your surgeon’s instructions for restarting activities and exercise.

Generally, you can expect the following timeline for exercise:

  • One to three days: Take the first three days to rest. You are encouraged to go for short, slow walks.
  • Two weeks after breast augmentation: Restrict your activity to walking and stretching.
  • Three weeks: Incorporate cardio and aerobic workouts into your routine, but avoid any exercises working your arms and chest.
  • Six weeks to 3 months: At some point during this time period, your breast surgeon will clear you for a full range of activity, depending on your progress. Once you have healed completely, you can engage in weight-lifting and other exercises straining your chest.

The above timeline is not set in stone. Rely on the guidance of Dr. Kim as you heal. Doing so will protect the results of your breast augmentation, minimize breast augmentation risks, and contribute to a more comfortable recovery.

Allowing Your Body to Heal

If you are a very active person, recovery may feel frustrating at times. Be patient. Your body needs the time to heal.

Engaging in intensive exercises in the first two weeks can increase your blood pressure. Increased blood pressure early in the healing process can cause bleeding, which may lead to complications. By taking the time to rest, you will avoid risks that could make your recovery even longer.

If you are in the California areas of Santa Monica, Beverly Hills or Los Angeles, please contact experienced breast surgeon Dr. Eugene Kim to schedule a breast augmentation consultation.