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Breast Implant Shape

Breast Implant Shape

One of the breast augmentation procedure options you will need to make will be breast implant type. This will include both the choice between silicone and saline breast implants as well as the shape of the implant you are interested in.

This decision will be based on several factors including Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon Dr. Eugene Kim’s advice following his assessment of your body. Ultimately however, this decision will depend on your final aesthetic desires. You should be very clear with what you want prior to your breast augmentation procedure. Bringing pictures of breasts you find attractive to your initial consultation can help Dr. Kim determine the shape of implant that will best provide you with your desired look.

Teardrop vs. Round Breast Implants

There are two breast implant shapes you can choose from:

  • Anatomical, or teardrop implants
  • Round implants

As the name implies, anatomical implants may provide a more natural looking final result. These implants are shaped like a teardrop, being larger at the bottom and gradually becoming smaller toward the top of the breast. Due to their shape, these implants can rotate over time resulting in an uneven appearance. For this reason, anatomical implants are textured to help them adhere to tissue and prevent slipping out of place. In addition, the silicone within the teardrop implant is denser and therefore requires a larger incision and scar.

Round implants are perfectly symmetrical all around. Due to this, no matter which direction they rotate, they will not appear misshapen. Gravity works with round implants to pull the filling downward when you stand up, which helps result in a more natural look. However, some women feel that round implants look artificial and serve to provide a more pronounced, noticeable look.

Choosing a Breast Implant Shape

The shape of breast implant you are interested in should be determined by your aesthetic goals. No two women have the same desires when it comes to breast augmentation. Understanding this, Dr. Kim will work with you on a personal level, paying close attention to your requests, and help you determine what shape implant will best suit your unique needs.

If you live in or around Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, or Santa Monica, California and would like more information about your breast augmentation options, please contact cosmetic surgeon Dr. Eugene Kim to schedule an initial consultation today.