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Choosing a Breast Implant Size

Choosing a Breast Implant Size

Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica

Choosing a breast implant size for breast augmentation is an important decision. The size of your breast implants will significantly influence the results of your breast augmentation and your satisfaction with the procedure.

During a consultation at E. Kim Plastic Surgery, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Eugene Kim will guide you though the process of choosing a breast implant size. Dr. Kim is dedicated to open communication with his patients and achieving your desired outcome. Please contact Dr. Kim today to learn more.

Discussing Breast Size with your Surgeon

Part of choosing a breast implant size is discussing the choice with your breast surgeon. When you meet with Dr. Kim, be prepared to:

  • Bring photos as examples, or find examples in Dr. Kim’s before-and-after photos
  • Discuss what results you are envisioning
  • Discuss cup size and physical appearance you desire

Photos provide Dr. Kim with an example of the result you are seeking, but you should note that someone else’s breast size will not look exactly the same on your frame.

Breast implant size and other enlargement options affect the natural appearance of your breasts. Some women want a subtle, natural-looking size increase, while other women seek a more dramatic appearance, or you may desire a result somewhere in between.

During your consultation, you can place breast implants under your clothes to get an idea of what the different sizes will look like. Although this method is not exact, it helps you visualize possible results.

When discussing your desired outcome, be honest about what you want. Be conscious of your own sense of aesthetics and how you want to look after breast surgery. Dr. Kim will determine the right size to achieve this aesthetic goal during your consultation, in which you will learn more about your breast augmentation.

Chest and Breast Anatomy

In addition to discussing your expectations with Dr. Kim, he will consider certain factors regarding your chest and breasts, including:

  • The degree of skin laxity in your breasts
  • The diameter of the base of your breast
  • The current size of your breasts
  • Amount of breast tissue
  • The measurements of your chest wall
  • The position of the nipples and areolas

These physiological characteristics play a role in determining breast implant size. Using these measurements, Dr. Kim determines the breast implant size best suited to your body.

Dr. Eugene Kim provides experienced breast augmentation surgery to clients in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and the Los Angeles area. Please contact E. Kim Plastic Surgery today to schedule a breast augmentation consultation.