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Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery: Nasal Fractures

Nearly 40 percent of bone injuries in cases of trauma to the face are nose fractures. The treatment begins with primary care which involves assessing the extent of the injury, evaluating the reasons for the injury, and understanding the nose

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Neck Lift Surgery Recovery

Neck lift cosmetic surgery, known as lower rhytidectomy in medical terms, is a relatively less invasive surgical procedure. However, it involves a considerable recovery process which is vital to the sustainability and success of the procedure. The surgeon will provide

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Rhinoplasty Surgery: Correcting a Deviated Septum

The commonly occurring problem of a deviated septum can be treated with rhinoplasty cosmetic surgery. After the surgeon diagnoses the exact nature and extent of the deviated septum, they can develop an individualized surgical plan to address it. Board certified

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Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery) Types

Rhinoplasty surgery is an effective treatment for physiological complications that hinder breathing through the nose. Furthermore, rhinoplasty can offer aesthetic improvements to the nose shape. There are various types of nose cosmetic surgery procedures designed to address the unique requirements

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How to Choose The Best Neck Lift Plastic Surgeon

The choice of a neck lift surgeon is an important decision that will have a long-term impact on the life of a patient. This cosmetic surgery procedure can offer more self-confidence to individuals who are unhappy with the sagging appearance

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Neck Lift Surgery Procedure Steps

The neck lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure that impacts one of the most noticeable and aesthetically prominent parts of the body, the neck. The appearance of the neck can accentuate the overall look of an individual due to its

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How to Prepare For Neck Lift Surgery

The neck is a highly noticeable part of the body. Sagging skin in this area can make a person appear older or unappealing. In such cases, a neck lift is an appropriate cosmetic surgery procedure to restore the appearance of

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Neck Lift Surgery Risks And Safety

Similar to any surgical procedure, neck lift cosmetic surgery also carries certain inherent risks despite being a comparatively less invasive body contouring surgery. The surgeon will inform the patient on various facets of the neck lift surgery during the pre-op

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Are You a Good Candidate for Neck Lift Surgery?

Individuals considering a neck lift cosmetic surgery should start by identifying an experienced neck lift surgeon and set up an initial consultation. The surgeon will assess their candidacy for neck lift surgery after evaluating their overall health, skin laxity, and

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Tips For Achieving The Natural Looking Breast Implants

Prospective  cosmetic surgery patients often express concerns to their surgeon regarding the possibility that their new breasts will appear fake or unnatural. Fortunately, advancements in breast augmentation techniques and devices have made it possible for patients to attain very natural

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